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From the Desk of: Eugene Murray, the Podcast Professor

Re: How to Use cPanel Like a Pro


Dear Internet Marketers and Bloggers, and IT Professionals and Students:

   Are you struggling to cope with the technical side of your online business?

   If you are, what you're about to read on this page will forever shatter your pre-conceived notions about how difficult it really is to manage your own website or hosting account.

MYTH #1 - Online Marketing is Too Technical for Newbies

Unless you're trying to create the next YouTube or FaceBook, it doesn't take much more than knowing how to use certain types of software.

You will never have to deal with programming or codes if you know where to find the software you need, and how to use it for your business.

MYTH #2 - You Should Hire a Freelancer for Technical Tasks

Your chances at getting completely ripped off by opportunistic, predatory online freelancers is extremely high if you believe in this myth.

They prey on gullible newbies like you, charging you $20 / hour to click on a button that you can just as easily do yourself.

The truth is, your web host already has the cPanel management interface in your account that you can use to create and manage all the basic technical tasks.

So what is the REAL secret to managing your online business all by yourself?



cPanel - A Gift to The Technically Challenged!

box medium   It's true...

   cPanel really is a gift to the technically challenged. With cPanel, you can manage your own web hosting 24/7 without paying so much as a dime to anyone.

   When you learn how to use cPanel, you'll be amazed at how easy it really is to do all the things that you thought were way out of your personal capabilities.

   Here's how you will benefit from our video tutorials:

  1. We take complex stuff and break it down to small, easy-to-understand tutorials that anyone can follow.
  2. Learn fundamental "survival" skills that will set you apart from all the other struggling online marketers.
  3. Shortcut your path to success, with personal advice based on my online marketing experience.
  4. Watch our videos over and over again, at your own pace, until you "get" it.
  5. Save money (lots of money) by doing stuff yourself instead of paying someone else $20 / hour to do it.

   With cPanel Tutorials I will reveal the exact tactics and strategies I personally use to manage, automate, and make more profits from my online business.

With our simple yet powerful step-by-step video instructions, you'll discover:

hostgator cpanel hosting

tick Video 1:

cPanel Web Hosting from HostGator

Start out right! If you want to use cPanel, then make sure your web hosting is using cPanel in the first place.

In this video we show you how to get cPanel web hosting from one of the most popular web hosting providers around, HostGator.

Tip: Your web host should provide you with cPanel.

hostcommando cpanel web hosting

tick Video 2:

cPanel Web Hosting from HostCommando

HostCommando is another great place to get cPanel web hosting.

This web hosting provider makes it easy for you to not only use cPanel, but install new WordPress blogs complete with SEO optimization and the latest plugins.

cpanel introduction

tick Video 3:

Introduction to Using cPanel

In this video, we give you a brief introduction to using cPanel.

We give you the grand tour, and help you identify some of the key features in any type of cPanel layout.

cpanel email accounts

tick Video 4:

Creating Email Accounts in cPanel

One of the most popular tasks in cPanel is creating your own email accounts.

In this video, we reveal how easy it is to get started by creating your first email account, and managing your email account settings.


cpanel spam assassin

tick Video 5:

Blocking Spam With Spam Assassin in cPanel

Nobody likes SPAM, but not everyone knows how to eliminate it using cPanel.

In this video, we reveal how to turn on the default Spam Assassin feature in cPanel and put a halt to annoying SPAM once and for all.

cpanel autoresponders

tick Video 6:

Creating Autoresponders in cPanel

Autoresponders are instant replies to received emails, and you can use it for many different purposes.

In this video we reveal how to create new autoresponders that are 100% customized to your visitors.


cpanel filemanager intro

tick Video 7:

Introduction to Using File Manager

File Manager is an awesome feature in cPanel that allows you to add, edit, rename and remove any file in your web hosting account.

In this video we reveal how you can save loads of time and avoid the technical aspects of managing your host using File manager


cpanel filemanager compress

tick Video 8:

Compressing and Extracting Files with File manager

File manager can be used to easily compress files and download them from your host, as well as to upload and extract any existing compressed file on your computer.

This video shows you how to do it easily, one step at a time.

cpanel file manager permissions

tick Video 9:

Editing File Permissions in File Manager

Sometimes you will need to edit a file's "permission" setting to get it to work properly with the rest of your script or software.

This video explains how file permissions work, and how to edit them using File manager

cpanel file manager upload

tick Video 10:

Uploading Files Using File Manager

No FTP or don't want to use it? No problem.

Using the default File manager, you can also upload files quickly and easily to any folder in your web hosting account.

This video shows you exactly how to do it.

cpanel ftp accounts

tick Video 11:

Creating FTP Accounts in cPanel

If your web hosting is managed by freelancers, staff members or other people, you'll want to create new FTP account for them.

This ensures that only you know the primary FTP login details, and you can easily remove the new FTP account whenever you want without effecting your primary FTP.

cpanel inde manager

tick Video 12:

Managing the File Index in cPanel

This shocking video reveals exactly how easy it is for people to "sniff" the contents of your website.

By managing your file index, you can keep your content hidden from nosy visitors, as well as ensure the safety of your files and information.

cpanel mysql databases

tick Video 13:

Creating a MySQL Database in cPanel

No matter what type of script you want to install, you'll be asked to create a MySQL database in cPanel first.

The good news is that our video shows you the easiest, fastest way to create a fully functional MySQL database.


cpanel password protect directories

tick Video 14:

Creating Password Protected Directories in cPanel

Creating a members-only section of your website, or just want to make content available to people in your organization?

In this video we reveal how to create password protected directories, and specify who can access the protected content.

cpanel redirects

tick Video 15:

Cloaking and Redirect Links in cPanel

Are you an affiliate marketer who wants to cloak their affiliate links?

Using cPanel's redirect feature, you can do this easily without expensive software or much technical skills.

You can cloak and redirect an unlimited number of links!

cpanel subdomains

tick Video 16:

Creating Sub-Domains in cPanel

Sub-domains are a great way to divide your primary website into many different components.

For example, you may want your blog or forum to have it's own sub-domain, and Google will treat it as a completely different domain name.

Our video shows you how to create sub-domains using cPanel.

cpanel addon domains

tick Video 17:

Creating Addon Domains in cPanel

In cPanel, you can add new domain names to your main hosting account instead of paying for new hosting every time!

In this video, we show you how to add new domains, and how to manage them, using the "Addon Domains" feature in cPanel.

Tip: This feature alone can pay for the cost of this package many times over.

cpanel backup

tick Video 18:

Creating Backups in cPanel

How would you feel if you got up one morning only to realize that all your hard work for the past year has vanished into thin smoke?

Most people never backup their work, and they eventually pay the price.

In this video, we reveal how to create complete backups using cPanel.

wordpress cpanel

tick Video 19:

Installing WordPress with cPanel

WordPress is a growing, popular software that you can use not only to create a blog, but any kind of website you want.

In this video, we reveal how to install WordPress with Fantastico.

Tip: Your web host should provide you with Fantastico.




30 Day No-Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

  guarantee I'm completely confident that you'll be satisfied with cPanel Tutorials.

   Watch any or all of these video tutorials. Put them to work to manage your web hosting more quickly, effectively and profitably. Solve one or more of your most pressing web hosting problems. If you're still not completely satisfied for any reason whatsoever, you can contact me anytime within 30 days and I'll refund everything you've paid for.

   I have personally reviewed each video in this series for both technical accuracy and production quality. I guarantee that these screencasts are easily viewable and readable. Also, the audio is set at a comfortable level for your complete understanding. I only distribute the highest quality training materials. Remember, you are complely covered by my 30-day, moneyback guarantee.

   It's really that simple, because I want to make this a no-brainer for you and take away all the risk.

   So essentially, you have a 30-day "trial" to see for yourself the quality of the information we reveal in cPanel Tutorials. It's completely risk-free for you and you have nothing to lose, so order now.



Exclusive Bonus - cPanel In-Depth Video Series


   Once you know the basics of cPanel, the question is, "How can I take it one step further and use cPanel's bigger features to take my business to the next level of success?"

   If you order right now, I'll throw in a superb bonus that you can use to take your mastery of cPanel to the next level.

   This video series will show you a more in depth view of the features that cPanel provides and shows you how you can take your website to the next level as well as protect your business.

   This video series is packed with 11 videos and 3 bonus videos that not only contain quick cPanel shortcuts that will save you time, but also high quality and detailed content that you'll be able to use for years to come.

   Don't be fooled by the "CPANEL4 Newbies!" title. This is an in-depth tutorial!

cPanel Topics Overview

tick Video 00:

cPanel Topics Overview

An overview of the topics covered in video 01 through video 10 and the three bonus videos. This introductory video ends just as we are logging into cPanel for the first time.

In this overview, these videos are referred to as the "cPanel In-Depth Video Series."

Video Tutorials Feature

tick Video 01:

Video Tutorials Feature

Not all cPanel users are aware of this feature and often overlook this. Did you know that cPanel already provides you with a lot of "basic" tutorials within itself?

MySQL Databases and Tables

tick Video 02:

MySQL Databases and Tables

This video we'll cover how to create mySQL database & insert table in mysql database into another domain using PHPMyAdmin.

Sometimes scripts may not have a backup feature where you can copy one database from one domain to another. In this video, you'll learn the deeper side of how to copy mySql databases to another domain name without any hassles.

Using Awstats

tick Video 03:

Using Awstats

Not only will you be given an overview of Awstats, but you'll learn different features of Awstats that if used correctly can help you increase your website and traffic.

You'll learn how people are finding you, what keywords they are typing in the search engines, and how to use that to your advantage. You'll also learn who is linking to you, for good reasons or even the bad so that you can protect yourself.


tick Video 04:


Fantastico is popular suite of software scripts that may fit many aspects of your business. It gives you access to blogs, bulletin boards, support helpdesks, and more. You'll be given an overview of this suite and how to use it properly.

404 Redirect

tick Video 05:

404 Redirect

Did you know that you could be losing traffic when people land on areas of your site that don't exist? This is where the 404 or error page comes in. What if you could redirect all that traffic back to your main page or a working area of your site? We'll, in this video you'll learn how to redirect traffic from your error pages back to your main site.

Disable Indexes

tick Video 06:

Disable Indexes

Did you know that if you have a lot of downloadable files on your website, and you don't protect them, they could be at risk to be stolen? You'll learn in this video how to turn your indexes off so you can stop people who you don't want snooping around your site, download your products or files.

Cron Jobs

tick Video 07:

Cron Jobs

Cron jobs are generally used to automate different tasks and are mainly used when your scripts require it. You'll understand cron jobs in a better light and how to use them.

Using File Manager

tick Video 08:

Using File Manager

FTP is not the only way to upload your files. In fact, cPanel's File Manager not only uploads your files, but you can delete files, create directories, create and extract zip files, edit files, and so much more! Best of all you can do everything without any software and do it on any computer that has access to the Internet.

Email Authentication

tick Video 09:

Email Authentication

It's about time you learn the basics of protecting your email box from SPAM. In this video, you'll learn how to tell cPanel to do just that and authenticate all the emails that are coming out of your domain as legitimate emails.

Backup / Restore Your Website

tick Video 10:

Backup / Restore Your Website

Have you ever created a document and forgot to save it, and then you lose it? This is one of the worst feelings especially after you've taken hours to write the document. The same goes for your websites. If you don't backup your websites on a frequent basis, then you are in trouble.

Hardrives fail on a normal basis, so keeping a backup of your websites is very important, so that if something bad does happen, you don't have to start from scratch. In this video you'll learn how to not only backup your websites, but how to restore them so you can get them up and running again.

You'll also learn what to watch out for especially when your website is 400 MB or bigger; and it's sitting on a shared server.


   But that's not all! Do you run a dedicated server? Well, if you rent a dedicated server and have access to the WHM (WebHost Manager) area of cPanel, we've created 3 bonus videos!

Server To Server Tansfer

tick Bonus Video 01:

Server To Server Tansfer

Did you know that you can move files from one domain to another server without having to download the files to your computer and then upload them to the new server? cPanel offers a nice feature where you simply click a few buttons, and Walla!; it moves all the files, including all your emails and databases over to the new server. Life is easier with this feature and you don't have to hire a technical specialist.

Blocking Unwanted Users

tick Bonus Video 02:

Blocking Unwanted Users

If you run a dedicated server, people will constantly try to hack your server...and better yet if you know someone's IP address, in this video you'll learn how to block them out of your server so they can't access any of the domains on your server period.

How To Turn On SPF To Protect Your Emails From Spammers

tick Bonus Video 03:

How To Turn On SPF To Protect Your Emails From Spammers!

SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework and is an attempt used by spammers to grab one of your email addresses and pretend that they are you; and send out 1000's of spam related emails; hence ruining your reputation. If you run a server, you'll want to know how to turn on SPF on all of your domains.




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